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Fame at last!

Posted: December 21, 2012 in News
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bloggerI have been nominated for my first ever blogging award – The Very Inspiring Blogger – by Vikki over at The View Outside, so many thanks for that! I must admit I feel an absolute fraud because I do so little blogging on my own account – my aim with this blog was to showcase some of my writing, to post the occasional piece of news and to bribe other writers to give their personal perspective and experiences, which I hope have been interesting, inspiring and entertaining.

Now I have to give seven facts about myself and nominate seven other inspiring bloggers. So here goes…

My seven facts (no one said they had to be interesting):

1. I have been vegetarian for over twenty five years for ethical reasons.

2. Bruce Springsteen once chatted me up when I was working on the bar at Hammersmith Odeon. I hadn’t heard him or seen him in action at that point and didn’t like his woolly hat so I didn’t encourage him…

3. My favourite film is Don’t Look Now with Fargo a close second.

4. I have never worn lipstick. The greasy mouth-print of someone else’s on a glass gives me the heebie-jeebies.

5. I enjoy swing dancing (jive, lindy hop and balboa) at least a couple of times a week.

6. I can’t stand the smell or taste of goat’s cheese, which is a bit of a bugger as a vegetarian.

7. My favourite song is La Mer by Charles Trenet, the original recording. I can’t explain how I feel when I hear it but no other song comes close.

So now that you know me really well, perhaps we could do lunch? Clean glasses and no goat’s cheese, please.

My seven inspiring bloggers are:

1. Larry Brooks at

2. Tony at Finding Subjects

3. Jill Marsh

4. Lynley Stace at bloggity blog blog

5. Marc Nash at Sulci Collective

6. Simon Kewin at Spellmaking

7. Calum Kerr at The Unmitigated Audacity of Calum Kerr

There are so many more inspiring bloggers out there, I’m sorry I couldn’t squeeze them all in, but I hope you enjoy the ones above.

And finally, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging in 2013!

I came back exhausted from a dance weekend on Sunday evening and opened up my stats to see whether Carys Bray‘s fascinating blog had clocked up any more visits. Reader, imagine my surprise when I realised an old story of mine, The Strid, had received 677 views in two days!

At first I was worried; had someone hacked into my account and were they, at that moment, hacking into those of my contributors? It’s a horrible feeling. I asked around but no one else seemed to have experienced anything unusual.

Eventually I had the bright idea of asking one of the people who had left a message why he had come. It turned out that a site I had never seen,, had run an article  about the five places in the world most likely to kill you, and the Strid came in at number 3. It’s an entertaining and informative piece – the pointy rocks are pretty startling – but most readers seemed to think the Strid was the scariest of all. As there is surprisingly little information about the Strid on the internet, my story came high up on a google search!

The Strid is a channel of water about seven feet wide, in itself not that impressive, until you realise that the whole of the River Wharfe has been forced into that narrow space. No one knows how deep it is, the main danger being from whirlpools that would pull the hapless adventurer into underground caverns and tunnels that have been eroded over millenia. It is said that no one comes out of the Strid alive, which is something to consider before you decide to jump the easy-peasy gap.

The Strid gave me nightmares for years before I was even allowed to see it, my parents being of nervous dispositions where their children were concerned. I wrote the story a couple of years ago for a thousand-word competition in Yorkshire Ridings Magazine and it was shortlisted and published. I’d welcome any feedback if anyone has time to read it!

The number of virtual visits now stands at 965. I would encourage everyone to visit the Strid, and the surrounding area, for themselves – it’s stunning. I would say that, of course. You can take the girl out of Yorkshire…