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I just wanted to share this piece of news before sliding back into my virus-ridden hole. I had an email from Bill Hutchens, director of the short feature film of The Beast Next Door (free to read on the Ether App) to let me know it will be screened at the Planet Connections Film Festival in New York on June 2nd! The story’s journey continues. I haven’t actually seen the film myself as, although I was sent a copy some months ago, I haven’t got anything I can watch it on. That’s OK. I know it sticks closely to the original story, having commented on early versions of the screenplay, but it is difficult enough to watch a film of a much-loved book, let alone a story you have written yourself! I’ll admit I may be weird in this respect.

Other news – both my stories were shortlisted in December’s Flash500 and one got mentioned by the judge a couple of times, so it must have come close. Another one was shortlisted in the Fish Flash Fiction competition. Yes, I know it was a long shortlist, but it was a huge entry so I was pleased.

My biggest news (that’s how it feels, anyway) is that I broke out of my flash straitjacket after four years of not writing anything longer than a thousand words, and found myself completing a story of 4,000. It went down very well in my writing group, which felt absolutely wonderful. I’d thought I’d seen the end of my ‘long’ shorts career, so I’m happy and relieved. I just hope the judges of the competition I entered like it…

The Strid is still getting hundreds of hits a week (2,500 last week) because of the article at Not everyone stays to read, obviously, but I’ve had some really lovely comments.

Otherwise, I am still happily curating the Readwave Literary Fiction category and have accepted some great pieces of writing. Pop along and have a read if you have time – it’s all free. Much of Readwave is now devoted to articles and true life stories, but LitFic is an oasis of well-written fiction.

Finally, Ether Books has decided to try crowdfunding for further development of the App and to raise the profile of Ether Books worldwide. Anyone interested in investing can visit CrowdCube for further information or the Ether Blog which explains the campaign in detail.

And that’s about it for now. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

ps I almost forgot – call me crazy but I backed away from a publishing deal for a collection of my shorts. More of that another time.