I was inspired by the imminent ‘End-of-the-World-on-May 21st 2011’ to write this poem:

I Cleaned Out the Fridge

I cleaned out the fridge
Because somebody said
It’s the end of the world

Finding myself still here on May 22nd, I couldn’t help reflecting:

So, the end of the world came and went
For the usual point eight percent
And the bloke who predicted
We’d all be evicted
Is now in arrears with his rent.

And, filled with amazement and joy at my continued existence:

Catch of the Day

What is your favourite fish?
Said the cat.
Anxious to please, I said,
Catfish are smart!
I caught my mistake
In his whiskery grin,
And the way he sloshed cream
On his jellyfish tart.

My new poem was inspired by Patti Delois’ short poem ‘Summer on the West End’:

Carnal Knowledge

I can hear
the folk next door
through triple glazing,
across the open space
of our gardens
and a field of cows,

I never liked
the fuckers


(I hope I haven’t made anyone weep at the depth of my emotion.)

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