So, he’s out on the street. What will he do now?

Red queen onto black king.

He’ll probably try sponging off Mike. They go way back and Mike’s a good guy, always ready to help a friend. No, on second thoughts, that’s not likely. Kate won’t put up with him again – not after last time.

Black six onto red seven. Ace of spades up.

She made Mike tell him he’d outstayed his welcome. Said he was a bad influence, treated their house like a hotel and her like a bloody servant. She wasn’t surprised his last woman had kicked him out. It served him right and, if he wasn’t gone by that evening, Mike could go too. Mike did as he was told. He’s no fool.

Red three onto black four. Black king up. 

I suppose he could try Sally, unless she’s finally learned her lesson. Surely by now she understands what he’s like? Actually, I suspect he’s secretly ashamed of the way he’s treated her, so she’ll be his last resort.

Black jack onto red queen. Ace of diamonds up.

Perhaps he’ll go running home to mummy? After all, she’s the one who’s made him like he is. Selfish old bag. She’s spoilt him for anyone else and now she’ll get him back, just as she planned. Who else is going to run round after him, picking up his things, cooking his meals, never complaining when he comes home stinking of booze and another woman’s perfume? She’s jealous but she can bear it; she knows it won’t last. No one can love him like his mother. Make him feel so special. So secure.

Two onto ace. Red king up.

He won’t stay there long. He’ll soon get sick of being told to wash his hands and eat his greens. Then she’ll cry and say she’s sorry. It’s just so wonderful, having him back. She’ll promise not to interfere any more. But she knows he’ll be gone, the minute he finds another attractive woman with her own home and a yearning for someone to mother. Until the prospect of starting a family arises – again. Then he’ll be back.

Black five onto red six. Ace of hearts up.

He might try getting a flat and living alone. He’s talked about it often enough. Nah, who am I trying to kid? He wouldn’t last five minutes or more than one trip to the launderette.

Three onto two. Ace of clubs up.

What about Amy? Now there’s a thought. He’s never really got over her. Not after she decided to have an abortion and go away to university. It broke his heart. No woman since has stood a chance, measured against Amy. Mind you, she was lovely.

Nine onto eight, ten onto nine.

That’s it! He’ll look for Amy. It’ll be now or never. He’ll write to her parents or some of her old school mates; see if she’s using friends4life or The internet’ll make it easy to track her down. Yes, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

Jack, queen, king and out!

Perfect. Everything comes to she who waits. Nothing like Patience to stimulate the old grey matter. Now, back to the grindstone. Reckon I can get another couple of thousand words in before dinner. So where was I? Ah yes.

‘Adam turned the cards over. If he won, he’d call Amy. If not? Well, there was always the best of three…’

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