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Hello, everyone. I have neglected my blog recently for two good reasons: firstly, I took advantage of the beautiful weather over the last three weeks or so to get out and about and to tackle the acres (seemingly) of ground elder that were choking everything except the Evening Primroses, which go from strength to strength and, secondly, the truth is I haven’t really anything interesting to say. I was waiting and hoping for a success or two (!) to report but aside from making three long lists (including Fish flash, which was very long indeed) one short list (Flash500) and having a couple more stories published on the Ether app, things have been very quiet on the writing front.

I did another, very enjoyable, stint as a selecting editor on FlashFlood and I am delighted to report that the standard was very high overall. People seem to be getting their heads round the genre at last and coming up with some very original themes and formats. There was much less misery around, too, which comes as a relief when you have over fifty pieces to read in a day! What did strike me, and I wasn’t the only editor to notice this, was how many stories were set in stations and on trains. I guess it goes to show how much time so many of us spend commuting! Not wasted time, as it turns out.

Nook picWhat I have done is buy an e-reader – a Nook HD. Yes, I know I wrote a piece not so long ago condemning e-readers as the devil’s work, but an offer came up that I couldn’t refuse and, I have to say, I love it and so does my husband. Even my son is impressed and he’s tried every device on the market! It was half the price of a Kindle Fire and has many more features and formats available for reading. I have been able to download both the Kindle and Ether apps via Google Play, along with iplayer and 4OD, which were too big and fast for my ancient, but trusty, Mac G4. So I’ve been buying apps and books like a madwoman, playing games and watching dance sequences on Youtube, all of which have been out of bounds until now. I have also downloaded Office Suite Professional and there is a decent keyboard, so I can even do odd bits of writing! I haven’t actually read anything on it as yet, but if the weather is as bad in Edinburgh/The Lake District next week as is threatened, it should come in very handy.

And that’s about it for now. I wish you happy reading and successful writing!