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Posted: January 22, 2013 in Humour
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Warning: if you’re easily offended, and believe that toilet humour belongs in the toilet, please look away now. PC this is not!A(A,a) The first letter of the alphabet, and also a word in its own right, thereby making it one of the world’s most popular letters. A is usually turned into an when faced with a word that starts with a vowel, unless you’re a American author who’s been chased into a alley by a alligator. A is widely used throughout the civilized world but due its identity as a vowel it is generally eschewed by the Welsh.

Activomit (n, sci.): A scientific term used within the gastro-intestinal fraternity to describe a new form of sick which, because it hasn’t been in the stomach for very long, contains l. cassei immunitas, and is thus still beneficial if scraped, licked or sucked from the surface upon which it landed, and imbibed immediately. Danone will soon be marketing this as Neapolitan Yogurt®.

See also Alcopuke, a pile of Saturday night tramp’s breakfast, docker’s omelette or pavement pizza which still has a measurable alcoholic proof percentage, and may therefore be appreciated by the truly desperate after closing time – perhaps more so if the lumps of kebab are removed first.

 Hand-Knitted Electricity over 200 pages of  filth.


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