Post Apocalypse

Posted: January 20, 2013 in News
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Having only just emerged from my bunker, I discovered we are still here and that it is snowing. The world looks pure and clean, which made me wonder if I have gone somewhere else after all. I switched on the radio and was instantly disabused of that rather sweet notion. Ah well… maybe next time.

I lied. I did Christmas and New Year and kissed loads of sweaty friends at a brilliant NYE dance as usual. But just before I got sweaty, I did something I had vowed not to do again for a while. I dashed off a piece of flash fiction and sent it to Flash500. It seemed plain wrong to let the deadline go by and there was this story niggling away at me and I know it’s not perfect yet but I just had to get it off my chest. Therapy, as it were.

So much for my resolution to stop producing very short fiction and go for the novel, but I have done my damnedest to force my brain in that direction and it simply refuses to go. Instead, it has derailed my efforts by throwing a dozen viable ideas for flash fiction across my path and, in the end, I succumbed. Am I ashamed? A bit.

Anyway, I kicked off my new year’s lack of resolution by supporting my friend Jo Reed’s first venture into organising writer events in Bristol. Two writing groups – Southville Writers and New and Emerging Bristol Writers – came together in The Hare pub to read their 250-word flashes, write haikus and generally have a good time. It was a great evening and everyone was filled with the rosy glow of achievement, which was very well-deserved. It should go from strength to strength if the first event was anything to go by.

Hand-Knitted Electricity_Cover_MEDIUMStarting tomorrow, I have decided to blog a daily excerpt from Hand-Knitted Electricity (a book that evolved from a game of inventing new words and their definitions in the Bookshed, as outlined in Warning: Contains Offensive Material by shyboots, Perry Iles) in the hope that it will tickle the ribs of all who read them, and increase our sales by a few million. As ever, all comments and complaints will be welcome. I hope you enjoy them.

And a belated Happy New Year!


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