FlashFlood is in full flow!

Posted: October 12, 2012 in News
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Once again I have had the pleasure of being one of the selecting editors for the FlashFlood journal. If anything, the standard of submissions was slightly higher this time and the variety of topics and ‘voices’ seemed more diverse. I laughed out loud a couple of times, which is always a good sign, and one very short piece made my eyes water so much I had to stop and find a tissue! I had a great time reading and discussing them with my colleagues – many thanks to everyone who submitted. We may go quarterly from now on, so I’m looking forward to the next outing.

Please drop by and have a read – some stories are just a few sentences long. My story, Fashion Victim, will go live at around 6.45pm. I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Simon Kewin says:

    Delicious little story. Autobiographical? Annoyed I missed FlashFlood – maybe next time…

    • Sue says:

      Thanks, Simon. Autobiographical? Can you see me in spiked heels?

      I’ll give you a shout for the next FlashFlood, though I won’t judge it myself, us being chums and all!

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