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Posted: July 7, 2012 in News
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On Thursday night I received an award at the first Ether Books Awards! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to the London ceremony, but it sounds as though it was a great evening with headaches the next day to prove it. I am delighted that The Beast Next Door has proved so popular with the e-reading public and hope it encourages readers to download some of my other stories via the free Ether App. Reality TV has also been in the top five paid downloads over the last few weeks, so please pop along and have a read.

Other news. I finally received a copy of Yorkshire Ridings Magazine in which my thousand-word murder/mystery story has been published. Unusually for me, I didn’t read the story wishing I could change at least one word in every sentence, so I have to report that I am pleased with it, especially not having written in that genre before. You can read the story here. Disregard the stray inverted comma at the beginning – it isn’t in my original document.

My other story that features The Strid is still getting around 70 visits a week because of the article a few months ago on Cracked.com about places most likely to murder you. It’s a fascinating article and The Strid came in third, so I feel justified in being haunted by it all my life.

The film of The Beast Next Door has now been cast and will go into production in the autumn, so that’s exciting too.  All this and Andy Murray in the Wimbledon Final as well! My cup overfloweth.

But now I must find a space in my trophy cabinet for my lovely Ether Award and instruct the downstairs maid to lick it clean every morning.

Good luck for tomorrow, Andy! I’ll be watching from behind the sofa.

  1. Elaine Everest says:

    Many congratulations. What an exciting week!

  2. Sue says:

    Many thanks, Elaine, Carys and Vikki!

  3. Congratulations on all that, Sue. You must show me your trophy cabinet some time …

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