An Easter Update

Posted: April 8, 2012 in News
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Last week I heard about a new e-publishing venture via Sue Moorcroft’s website. Alfie Dog Limited is aiming to launch a range of short stories ‘to download and read at your leisure’ on May 16th, which coincidentally is National Flash Fiction Day. Since Reality TV was accepted a couple of weeks ago, I now have eight stories published on the Ether App, so I thought it might be a good idea to put some eggs in another basket, it being Easter and all. I submitted two stories that don’t fit easily into any genre, ‘Footprints’ and ‘Never Too Late’, and both have been accepted. The company seems to have an efficient system in place and I am encouraged by their professional approach. I wish the venture every success!

I have got my finger out over the last couple of weeks and sent eight pieces of flash fiction out to various competitions. Most are 500 words, but one, at the Lancashire Hub, is set at a challenging 165. Please wish me luck.

The other news is that I have now seen and commented on two drafts of the screenplay for The Beast Next Door. The process of turning thought and narrative into actions is fascinating and the techniques I’m learning should be good for my writing in general. I feel very fortunate that my opinion is being sought at each stage and that my suggestions have been incorporated without a clash of egos. I am also lucky that the director who originally approached me for permission sees it very much as I do. There are still plenty of opportunities for pitfalls, but the screenwriter is enthusiastic and his own short film, Meet Me on the Hill, has been going down well at festivals, so right now I have a good feeling about it. Touching wood as I type!

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Have a very happy Easter break, everyone!

  1. Good luck with all your “out there’s” Sue 🙂


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