The Beast gets invited to another party!

Posted: February 22, 2012 in News

Rummaging through the 930 emails in my VirginMedia spam file for one that should have reached me but didn’t, I came across a request from an actor/film maker/director for permission to make a short film of The Beast Next Door. Damn, I thought, getting no reply he’ll have moved on to someone and something else. But he hasn’t, and is still interested, which is very exciting!

It’s funny how a story sometimes gets a life of its own, as Deborah Rickard said here a couple of weeks ago. The Beast has won the Story of the Month on Circalit, been published on the free Ether Books App, and had a podcast made of it by the writer’s magazine Words with Jam. It is on the Circalit Reading Group list and I heard yesterday that Ether Books use the story (among others) to attract new investors for ongoing developments, which is incredibly flattering. And it all came from seeing a pot of geraniums outside a run down council flat!

I’ve been warned that the process of fundraising for making the film is likely to be slow, but I’ll post any developments as they occur. Meanwhile, I need to try and come up with another story that gets up and runs around by itself. That’s the tricky bit…

  1. Ciaran Lynch says:

    Go the Beast. Go!

  2. Rebecca Emin says:

    This is very exciting news, Sue! I hope the project does get off the ground, it would be brilliant to see.

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