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Another couple of ‘almosts’

Posted: December 3, 2010 in News

Longworth Editors longlisted my story ‘Reality TV’ in their competition on the theme of ‘loss’ and gave me some welcome feedback:

Thank you again for your competition entry. I’m sorry to let you know that your story wasn’t shortlisted this time. The reason you’ve had to wait a little while longer for the results is because your story did make the long list so it has been agonised over. We had hundreds of entrants and many were of an extremely high standard so the competition was tough. We did really enjoy your piece however, and here’s what your reader said about it:

‘A well crafted story about a child-parent who looks after his mum and younger brother after her breakdown. You managed to create a strong voice and have the rare ability of capturing what it’s like to be young. The twist at the end was genuinely unexpected, though you built up to it well… (bit more here but it’s a spoiler!).’

Also found out today ‘Skin Deep’ had been shortlisted in the first ‘Words With Jam’ short story competition, judged by Sue Moorcock. You can read the winning stories here.

So I’ll consider them honourable failures!