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Posted: July 30, 2010 in Twitter Fiction

What are you?

A wicked girl

What else?

A filthy whore

Who loves you best?

You do

Even when you’re bad?


And what is it?

Our little secret



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Clearing her parents’ house, she found a letter, dated the day of her birth. It was tender; grateful. How she wished she’d known them then.

The Last Laugh

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Hungry vultures circled her, in death as in life, anticipating their share. It was fitting she’d left it all to the Birds of Prey Sanctuary.


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She sat on his bed, inhaling his scent. This girl was the sharpest yet; it would take all her love to protect him. Luckily, she knew women.


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You’re right, pet, he said.
She knew he let her win an argument now and then; let her feel she had a say. She smiled. It was getting easier.


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At thirty he dreamt he would die at forty two. He grew obsessed; told everyone, repeatedly. At forty his wife got sick of waiting, and left.


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I don’t get it. I’m not hideous, I’ve got a good job and nice car. Why can’t I find a woman? You’d tell me if my breath smelt, wouldn’t you?