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The Music Professor beamed.
‘I’m thrilled about Peter Andre replacing Elgar on the £20 note. It sets the Arts on a whole new trajectory.’


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‘D’you want a sweetie?’

He repeated the words that delivered what he craved. The ones that snared him and changed the course of many lives.


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The boy poked the stinky pyre, wondering when the cat, or the firework, would be missed. He’d only wanted to see what happened. That’s all.

Plan B

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The earring lay, brazenly sparkling, on her side of the bed. As it vibrated up the vac, she speculated on its resemblance to a death rattle.

Thicker Than Water

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Their father’s estate wouldn’t stretch three ways. On balance, Al decided Ed was expendable. He couldn’t manage without Mary’s chicken soup.


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If she left him, he reasoned, she’d get all the flak and he would get the sympathy from their friends. He raised a glass to giving her hell.

American Pie

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Pa took the biggest slice of pie. Scowling, Jed went next. Jimbo snatched the third and half the last. Ma thanked God for a healthy family.