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Necessary Risk

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Every time a car stopped, so did her heart. But she had children and a habit to feed. Fingers crossed, she stepped forward.


March 16th 2004

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In the chasing clouds, I saw my mother’s face. Not as it had been that morning or for the past thirty years, but young, beautiful and happy.

The Last Word

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His widow leaned over the casket, her lips brushing his ear.

‘Well, my darling. You said you wanted to be single again. And now you are.’

Faith (a possible sequel to Rescued)

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From the railings he watched his master walk into the sea. He waited, alert to everyone who passed. At dusk, he whined softly and lay down.


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Adam laid out the cards in rows, his future happiness at stake. If he won, he’d ring Jane. If not? Well, there was always the best of three.

Final Reading

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Draining her tea, she stared at the leaves. If you can see us, they said, it’s too late. Clutching her throat, she faced the bitter truth.


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All these years she’d struggled to live up to her name. How they must have hated her! Now, as she disposed of them, she finally understood.